Commercial Vertical Farms

Looking at starting your own commercial farm or large residential system?

Let the experts help.

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Roger has over 40 years experience with plumbing, irrigation and hydroponic set ups, so we understand there is no one size fits all when it comes to building your commercial tower farm.

 Others may sell similar products or set ups, however only we have the firsthand knowledge and experience to back it up. We ourselves run our own commercial strawberry farm, Phillip Island Strawberries with over 7500 strawberry plants. It was our own farm that started as a 100-tower kit farm, which we quickly realized that changes and alterations were required to bring it up to a higher quality standard, and this was the inspiration behind Verti Gro Australia. Our very own business grew from our own commercial farm and vertical growing passion.

We have the skills and practical knowledge of how location, climate, water quality and usage and the type of crop factor in to building a low maintenance, efficient farm. You may require other adaptions such as wind and bird netting, water filtration and monitoring systems to ensure the right nutrient levels are getting the best crops possible.

From experimenting and adapting our own commercial farm has led to developing a product that can be tailored to suit your budget and needs. We can troubleshoot any issues you many be having with a tower farm kit that you have purchased elsewhere, and we have already provided practical support to people who have been left without assistance after purchasing such a system.

Verti Gro Australia have recently designed and installed a 200-tower strawberry farm in Launching Place, Victoria. Initially the farm started as 100 towers, and the owners were so happy with the system that they expanded the next year with an additional 100 towers. To maximise space, they have implemented our own method of using a base pot to grow more vegetables, herbs and flowers, as well as growing around 200 hanging tomato plants. This is a design and implementation that we have developed and use ourselves.

This tower farm kit works with minimal risk and full ongoing support. Through the development we implemented a new watering system that eliminates the need for multiple drippers and ensures an even flow of nutrients to all tower levels, which in turn increases crop growth.

The compact nature of the Verti Gro Australia system means that you don’t need large amounts of land to grow commercial quantities, and it reduces the amount of water required as compared to growing traditionally in the ground.

If you would like to discuss your vision for your own tower farm, please contact Roger either via phone or email, and he is more than happy to discuss your requirements, and tailor a solution to suit your budget.

 We know it because we grow it