Tower Gardens

Tower Gardens



    We offer a range of vertical Tower Gardens ranging from a single residential unit to a full commercial installation.

    After 3 years of Commercial Vertical Growing we are proud to introduce our 100% Australian made Tower Gardens.

    These Tower Garden Planters were designed by us and are  Manufactured in Horsham Victoria. Proudly supporting Rural Australia.

    It is the only Vertical Growing System of its kind manufactured in Australia and has features not offered by any other vertical planter system.

    3 Years of Commercial growing using imported products gave us the time and information required to design and produce a product second to none, with features never seen before such as Ergonomic Design, Internal Watering , Curved edges to eliminate crimping of Plant Stems and the Strength and Good looks to enable us to offer a full 5 Year Warranty.

    But we don't just offer a planter, we sell a complete growing system.

    The Large planter is 42.5 cm wide and 15cm Deep a vast improvement on the imported type that were far to small and not accessible for replanting and filling.

    The Extra large planter is 47.5cm wide and 19cm deep, perfect for your larger longer term plants

    Vert Gro Australia Tower Gardens are raised approx  50cm off the ground and standing 1.5m high, they are the perfect way to grow a wide range of crops even in limited spaces and small backyards, without the need for bending and kneeling.

    Tower Gardens have the option of either 5 Extra large or 5 Large planters, and does not require overhead support, you just simply bang the steel support post into the ground, slip on the PVC riser and start stacking.

    Extra Planters can be added. We Recommend 6 extra large or 7 Large Max

    Higher towers may require overhead support and we have developed a simple, efficient support structure using 316 stainless steel wire and straining posts. This also acts as a support for overhead bird netting if required.

    To maximise growing space and efficiency, our Tower Gardens have optional bottom base pots to utilise wastewater and to maximize growing space and efficiency.

    Tower Garden systems can be easily extended and Automated

    Full engineered Drawing showing pipe sizing and installation method are provided

    We are the experts in commercial and residential Tower Farms, and these can be purchased in any volume and configuration. Get in touch with Roger if you have a custom farm design in mind, and we will make sure to maximise efficiency and reduce freight costs for items we may be able to source locally. 

    Check out our own commercial vertical strawberry farm, Phillip Island Strawberries and other commercial installations we have completed. 

     What’s not included?
    At present, the galvanised metal rod and centre pole is not provided due to freight costs often exceeding the cost of the materials. We can help source this locally and arrange delivery to ensure a smooth process for you.