Growing Media

    Our large premium grade 5kg compressed coir blocks are the perfect choice for growers looking for a high-quality, reliable growing medium. Individually wrapped and sealed to prevent contamination, our blocks have undergone over 3 years of rigorous testing at our farm to ensure they meet our exacting standards.

    We are proud to now offer our blocks premixed at a 70/30 ratio of rough (70%) and coarse (30%) coir, providing the ideal texture for all stages of plant growth, from seeds to seedlings. Our blocks have incredible water retention, oxygen holding, and anti-fungal properties, and hold 25% air when fully wet

    1 x 5 kg block of Coir will will 5 Extra Large or 7 Large Verti Gro Planters.

    70/30 Blend Coir is the perfect blend and does not require the addition of perlite to make it useable like fine cheap coir.