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Eco Farm

Eco Farm

Short on time? Want to ensure your plants have the best conditions possible?

Eco Farms are the simplest and most efficient way to grow fresh herbs, fruit like strawberries and vegetables. These systems are fully automated and available in both solar and electric options.

Now with our new, 100% Australian made vertical planters designed by Verti Gro Australia, these have a host of features you cannot find on any other system. 

Single Eco Farms have 5 Extra large or 7 large planters that sit on a 60-litre nutrient storage tank that continually circulates and recycles water throughout the planters. Each system comes with the choice of hydroponic , Organic or controlled release nutrient. 

When using Part A & B hydroponic and Organic nutrient it is recirculated through the system, providing nutrient as the plants are watered. A full nutrient tank can give up to 4 weeks watering and feeding, before refilling is required. For a low maintenance option, controlled release nutrient is available to be mixed with the coconut coir in the planters, providing optimal release of nutrients to your plants when required.

Each system comes with your choice of as well as organic Bardee Superfly as a booster

Single Eco Farm Double Eco Farm Triple Eco Farm
5 Extra large planters
one 60 litre nutrient tank
10 Extra large planters
two 60 litre nutrient tanks
15 large planters
three 60 litre nutrient tanks
Double and triple Eco farms share a pump and or panel with solar options making them extremely efficient

Eco Farm