Verti Gro Australia has several nutrient options, perfect for all growing requirements. Our nutrient is manufactured from the highest quality raw products, specifically for hydroponic growing but also great on any garden.

    To grow hydroponically simply means to grow without soil. This means using a growing medium such as coconut coir husk. The benefit of using a growing medium like coir, is that it’s a blank slate. You can add the perfect nutrients to the coir to maximise your plant growth.

    Hydroponic A & B Mix
    When setting up our own commercial strawberry farm, we weren't happy with the support, quality or price of available products, so we sought advice from a team of people including chemists, agronomists and a leading raw product supplier to develop a range of high quality, reasonably priced nutrients for not only vertical farming but all forms of hydroponics.

    We supply the nutrient as powder to avoid paying for excessive postage, and you can mix this with water to make a concentrated nutrient mix ready to Dilute for use on your plants. Each 500 of powder nutrient makes 2.5  litres of concentrated nutrient. 
    All purpose vegetable, fruit and flower mix - a highly concentrated superfood for all your veggies, fruits and flowers

    Strawberry fruit and flower mix - The fruiting mix encourages growth of flowers and fruit whilst maintaining the required elements for a healthy root system

    Strawberry vegetative mix - The vegetative mix encourages growth of vegetation and a healthy root system in new plants and runners

    Controlled Release
    We have two options, 3 month and 9 month controlled release nutrients. These nutrients have a specially designed coating that ensures your plants are getting an even release of nutrients for the designated time frame. This is perfect for people who may want a low maintenance option but have little time and still want thriving plants. Mix the controlled release beads in with the coir and just add water its that easy. This nutrient was designed with the full range of vegetables and flowers in mind, 3 month for your Herbs, Vegetables etc 9 month for your flowers, bushes, shrubs etc as well as the longer term vegetable crops like tomatoes and cucumbers.

    Bardee Superfly
    Bardee Superfly is a great organic addition to nutrient, . It is made with black soldier fly frass, which improves soil health, activates natural plant defenses and accelerates plant growth. We have used this and done trials for Bardee with great results. The other amazing thing about Bardee is that it’s made by the breakdown of food waste, which is preventing landfill and reducing carbon emissions. Every tonne of Bardee fertilizer offsets 5 tonnes of CO2 emissions! Bardee is 100% Australian owned & made.