Wall Gardens

Wall Gardens


    The vertical Wall Garden is a high-quality wall garden unit, featuring a 74.5cm length and 12.6cm depth container that holds 90mm x 90mm standard garden pots. It can be installed with as many layers as required to create a customized wall garden, and simply attaches to walls or fences.

    With a down flow waterway design, water runs from the top module down through the lower units and each unit retains water to continue to provide moisture to the plants reducing how often watering is required.

    It’s simple to install a drip watering system for efficient water usage or you can simply water with a standard hose. Each tier module contains 7 pots and it comes with windproof clips to hold plants in place.

    We use and recommend this system for propagating seeds and for seedlings as well as flowers, herbs and vegetables. It is built with food grade polypropylene and extremely strong with braces between each pot that also hold pots in place.

    Stay Tuned for the release of the  brand new Verti Gro Wall garden to be released later this year

    This unit has been in the making for nearly 2 years and will have features never seen

    or included with any other and will be a game changer for vertical walls and gardens