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Verandah Planters

Verandah Planters

Introducing our new 100% Australian made & designed Verti Gro Australia Planters that come in Large 42.5cm x 15cm or Extra large 47.5cm x 19cm deep.

The extra Large planter is deeper and wider allowing for larger Root growth and plants than the smaller planter which was designed with the commercial grower in mind.

If intending to use the planters for a wide range and volume of produce we recommend the larger planters as it will allow you to grow virtually anything.

After months of designing, planning and testing, we are proud to launch our very own vertical planter system. These vertical verandah planter pots are 100% designed by us and manufactured right here in Victoria, making it 100% Australian designed, made & owned. It is the only vertical growing system of its kind manufactured in Australia and has features not offered by any other vertical planter.

From 3 years of commercial growing using the previous imported planters, we identified areas in the design, size and structure that needed to be improved upon and  we were also keen to have an Australian made product in the market, keeping business local. 

Our Garden kits are a great way to get everything you need at a reduced price and freight costs per unit are reduced if you order a twin compared to two single units.

They are available with Hydroponic , Controlled release Fertilizer or Organic Certified Nutrient that just needs water to thrive.

The kit automatically comes with enough coir and nutrient per set, you choose the colour, nutrient type and add a trolley if you want one.

These simple 3 or 5 tier vertical garden kits have 12 or 20 individual plant sites and 2 size options so you can grow anything from herbs, lettuce and greens to large fruiting vegetables in either coir or potting mix (we prefer Coir)

We know you will see and feel the difference with our expertly designed and manufactured vertical planters. 

Verandah Planters