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Disability Accessible Gardening

The Verti Gro Australia system of vertical planters and select growing systems are accessible for people of all abilities, having been designed by a person with a disability himself. Roger was keen to be able to continue gardening as independently as possible, and from this came efficient design that produces amazing results. 

We have customers who have been able to use their NDIS funding to purchase Verti Gro Australia products through their NDIS plans. 

Jess, who is usually running the show behind the scenes is experienced with navigating NDIS, due to her background in working in the disability and not-for-profit sector, and is available to assist with any questions you may have, or if your Plan Manager or Support Coordinator needs more information on the products. 

Is Verti Gro Australia NDIS registered?
No, we are not NDIS registered providers, however this will only prevent you from purchasing products from your NDIS plan if you are NDIA managed. Most people are either self-managed or plan managed. 

How can you purchase through your NDIS Plan?
For those self or plan-managed all you need to do is simply make an inquiry at outlining your order, delivery details and request a quote. Jess will get all the information required, and this can then be passed on to your plan manager or to the NDIS.

What section of my NDIS plan do I use?
As the Verti Gro Australia verandah planters are 'off the shelf' yet are accessible and 'low risk', you may be able to use the level one assistive technology funding in your plan, however you should always check with your LAC, Support Coordinator or Plan manager before purchasing.