Fully Automated Tower Garden x 3
Fully Automated Tower Garden x 3
Fully Automated Tower Garden x 3
Fully Automated Tower Garden x 3
Fully Automated Tower Garden x 3
Fully Automated Tower Garden x 3
Fully Automated Tower Garden x 3
Fully Automated Tower Garden x 3
Fully Automated Tower Garden x 3
Fully Automated Tower Garden x 3

Fully Automated Tower Garden x 3

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The Three Tower Garden system is designed For the more serious grower.

 The mains system is fully automated and Automatically controls feeding and watering and will turn on and off as preset when you want it. The Controller is battery operated and therefore no Electricity is required.

This system could be operated from a storage tank and high pressure pump if mains water is not available. (Please Contact Roger to Discuss this option and Costs)

The mains Hydroponic and Controlled Release options are expandable and many more towers can be added at a later date.

The Electric System feeds water to the towers via a small Electric pump and timer. A Supply tank is required with a large enough volume to limit refilling and if using  Hydroponic nutrient it is manually premixed in the storage tank or Controlled Release Nutrient is added to Coir in all planters.

Depending on your tank size it will require refilling regularly if mains water supply is not connected.

A 3 Tower Garden System Comes with 6 Extra large planters or 7 Large Planters per Garden Tower  giving  (72 or 84 growing Stations) 

We Recommend A Base pot can be added to each tower Garden giving another growing area utilizing waste water 

As with the single Garden tower, this system will grow a wide range of fruit ,vegetables and flowers with amazing results.

Verti Gro Garden Towers are simply the best way to grow a wide range of perfect fruits and vegetables to feed your family and friends. This system works so efficiently you will be amazed virtually all the work is done for you.

Metal poles are supplied as an option due to freight costs but can be sourced from most steel and hardware stores. (call for information)

Nutrient Storage tanks  for mains water system are not supplied due to freight charges (any 20 to 60 litre Container can be used. 

Comes with easy to follow instructions and Telephone Support

Full engineered Drawing showing pipe sizing and installation method are provided

Give Roger a call and have a chat about this set up or come down and have a look at ours phillipislandstrawberries

  • This simple raised garden technique reduces ground pests and disease
  • Simply fill with coco coir, stack it up and water the top planter
  • Raised approx 40cm above ground, it stands 150cm high, 45cm wide holding 70L of medium
  • Comes with 6 Extra large (47.5cm)  or 7 Large stacking planters
  • Option Includes a sturdy 1.5m galvanised metal rod & centre pole so your garden is secure
  • Simply drive the metal pole into the ground, slide the PVC pipe over the top and stack em up!
  • Garden rotates around centre pole so you can manage sun exposure
  • How does it work?

  • Simply fill each planter with 70/30 coir & stack it up
  • For Mains Water System Connect towers to outdoor tap via fertilizer injector & battery powered tap timer
    What’s the Nutrient?
  • ‘Vegie Gro’ high quality full spectrum bulk powdered hydroponic nutrient
  • Includes approx 9 months supply. 
    What’s included?
  • Everything you need except poles and plants (add frame poles below)
  • Each tower has 6 Extra large or 7 Large planters and is raised 400mm off the ground standing 1.4m tall
  • Why does it work so well?
  • 70/30 Coco is the perfect growing medium. Light, fluffy & moist & you can’t over water it!
  • Elevated garden pole naturally defends against pests & disease
  • Automated watering & quality nutrient ensures optimal moisture & nutrition
    What’s better, Hydroponic or Organic?
  • Hydroponic will normally yield more & with slightly faster growth
  • Hydroponic nutrient is just mineral salt. Perfectly healthy & highest yielding 


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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 2 reviews
    I bought the 3 tower smart farm

    I bought the 3 tower smart farm. I thought it looked pretty fool proof for a first time gardener. I was right! It was simple to set up and has been easy to maintain. The veggies have gone crazy! We've had a bumper crop of cherry tomatoes, broccoli, spring onion, snow peas and lettuce so far.

    Mark Taylor
    Very happy with my 3 tower system.

    Very happy with my 3 tower system. Easy to set up and get going. The salad veggies I planted a couple of weeks ago are doing well. Picked my first strawberry yesterday and tasted great!