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Vertical Tomato Tower Kit
Vertical Tomato Tower Kit
Vertical Tomato Tower Kit
Vertical Tomato Tower Kit

Verti Gro Australia

Vertical Tomato Tower Kit

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This ingenious Vertical Tomato Tower Kit allows you to grow up to 6 vine style tomato plants like the professionals do in less than 1 square meter, with added room for growing plants around the base.

What's included:

  • 1 x 450mm square base pot
  • Top bracket and connector – designed exclusively by Verti Gro Australia
  • 6 x tomato hooks and string
  • 20 x tomato clips
  • 1 kg x 9 month controlled release nutrient
  • 2 x 5kg blocks of coconut coir growing medium

This system has been designed so that a neat can be easily draped over the top bracket to minimise pests damaging your plants such as birds and possums, without the need for harmful chemical deterrents.

This system is great for tomatoes and cucumber and can be used for most climbing vegetables. We’ve had great success even growing cucamelon using the system.

What's not included:
The steel support pipe can be made to any height, and we can assist with purchasing this through any local steel supplied. This is not provided with the system due to the exorbitant freight costs for shipping pipe at these lengths, costs we do not want to pass along to you! We will ensure that you can source this locally, and frequently liaise with local suppliers all over Australia to make sure you’re getting the right height for your garden at the best deal possible.

Pick up of pipe from Phillip Island is also available, just make note of this at checkout, so that we can contact you to arrange payment and pick up.