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Tower Farm Single
Tower Farm Single
Tower Farm Single
Tower Farm Single
Tower Farm Single

Verti Gro Australia

Tower Farm Single

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The Verti Gro Australia single Tower farm can be installed in any garden or backyard, with the choice of 5 Extra large planters or 6 Large planters. 

Large  planters are perfect for plants that don't require significant root space, such as herbs, strawberries and leafy greens. The Extra large planters are perfect for bigger vegetables and plants, such as leeks, silverbeet and kale, as well as growing even more strawberries, lettuce and herbs in deeper growing pods.

Simply bang the optional metal tube into the ground as per the instructions, slide over your PVC pipe riser and stack your planters, its that simple!

This system can be enlarged with the addition of further towers and the watering can be automated so that all the work is done for you.

Base pots can be added to give extra growing and utilize waste water.

The Verti Gro tower is quite simply the easiest way to grow perfect strawberries, lettuce, leafy greens, flowers and much more. 

No bending, No Kneeling, No Hassle. We Guarantee it.

Note: Metal pole and PVC is not included as standard due to freight issues but can be purchased locally from most steel and hardware suppliers.


If you are interested in commercial or larger quantities of towers, get in touch with Roger to discuss discounted pricing.

If you would like to purchase a larger quantity of towers give Roger a call


The simple 5 or 6 tier planter is perfect for growing strawberries, herbs, lettuces, flowers and greens to full blown fruiting crops with 2 size options. Each kit comes with an optional riser kit so you can securely raise your garden off the ground.

  • Includes everything you need except plants and pole
  • This raised garden kit reduces ground pests and disease
  • Simply fill with coco coir, stack it up and water the top pot
  • Raised 40cm above ground, it stands 150cm high, 45cm wide holding 70 litres.
  • Comes with choice of 5 large or 6 medium planters.
  • Simply drive the metal pole into the ground and stack em up!
  • Then add the nutrient to your watering can and water daily for amazing results
  • Perfect for strawberries, but will grow all types of veggies 
  • This System can be fully Automated 
  • How does it work?

  • Simply fill each planter with 70/30 coco & stack it up
  • Towers can be connected to outdoor tap via fertilizer injector & battery powered tap timer or from a storage tank

    What’s included?
  • Everything you need except poles and plants (add frame poles below)
  • Choose Coir and Nutrient as an option
  • Each tower has 5 large or 6 medium planters and is raised 400mm off the ground standing 1.4m tall 

  • Why does it work so well?
  • 70/30 Coco is the perfect growing medium. Light, fluffy & moist & you can’t over water it!
  • Elevated garden pole naturally defends against pests & disease
  • Automated watering & quality nutrient ensures optimal moisture & nutrition


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